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¡¡Playa del Carmen is a fine place for vacation and to live!!

Playa Del Carmen is a fine place for vacation  and live. It originated as a fishing village but its location as the midpoint between Cancun, Cozumel and Tulum has  become an important tourist center of the Riviera Maya.
Its spectacular beaches, town is always clean, nice and great atmosphere where also find a variety of adventure activities, cultural, aquatics and time to relax. It is a place that stays forever in the memory of those who visit.


Fifth Avenue is the heart of Playa del Carmen, right next to the beautiful Caribbean sea, travels the great boulevard to shop, eat, relax, refresh and have nightlife. 5th Avenue creates an incomparable atmosphere!.


The big brother of the Riviera Maya, just 45mins away, always with new features, this small city on the sea and its unique lagoon “Nichupté” will give an extra point to your holiday. It is ideal for shopping lovers and is the starting point to get to Isla Mujeres. Ask at our reception additional information.


"Mexico Awakes here!" is the phrase that perfectly describes this romantic corner, receives the most beautiful sunrise from their natural architecture cliff. Beauty difficult to forget. Reached by Ferry from Cancun or take a catamaran ride and enjoy its turquoise waters. Ask at our reception additional information.    



Just across from the beach,your eyes can see the Cozumel island , recognized by National Geographic as the second largest reef in the world after the Australian waters.
Discover the wonders of the underwaterworld, coral reefs and the range of beautiful fishes, whales and sharks!. Just 30 minutes from the ferry´s dock in Playa del Carmen.XEL-HÁ



RÍO SECRETO (english)
It is a nature reserve, a treasure formed by an underground universe that meets the crystal clear waters with ancient geological formations (stalactites and stalagmites) variety of colors and textures an experience for the senses. Just 10min from Playa del Carmen. Ask at our reception additional information.


Discover this paradise that combines the perfection of nature and mysticism of the ancient Mayans, underground rivers runs its refreshing, delight in its colorful flora and fauna and enjoy over 40 unique attractions that make you feel, live and breathe Mexico.


Enjoy a perfect day! here the stress is forgotten thanks to a touch of magic wrapped in harmony, sea breezes, freshness, flavors and colors. Dazzle to you in the largest natural aquarium in Latin America 40 minutes far from Playa del Carmen.
Ask at our reception additional information.


The postcard image we all want to take home. Beautiful ruins on the seashore welcome you to this enigmatic place, its ecology friendly environment gives a deep breath and do a pure oasis for your senses. A 45min from Playa del Carmen.
Ask at our reception additional information.


It is one of the "New 7 wonders of the world" the main archaeological site in the Yucatan Peninsula Drive on road 2.30 hr. The splendor of the Mayan culture and the warmth of its friendly people near you.


Crystal waters, sweets and deep, purifying and healing; discovered between the mayan  jungle. The cenotes  were considered sources of life and are unique in the peninsula. Take a refreshing moment, medite with nature connection.


Experience the magic of the Mayan community that takes care of the traditions of their ancestors, come and eat with them the typical delicacies of the region, learn their mayan dialect,  look at the handcrafts they do, walk with them and discover the the experience of the true Mayan community.